Mobile E-commerce Optimization 

When creating a website, consider how your audience will access it and through what device. Some mobile phone users are having difficulty  accessing and browsing a website because of compatibility issues.  

Listed below are some of the few things that you can adopt in order to provide your audience a better user experience while they are on your website.  

Create a speedy site 

No one wants to visit a website that loads poorly. Optimize your site’s speed and make conversion feasible. Remove unnecessary elements and retain those that are essential.  

Nix the pop-ups and sidebar 

Remove unwanted pop-ups that might drive your audiences away from your website. If your website has a sidebar, make sure that it is organized and if possible, better to review if it’s even necessary.

Make navigation simple and intuitive  

Make your website easy to navigate. Do not give your audience a hard time figuring out where everything is. Directly, give them a hint where to find things.  

Create finger-friendly buttons 

Allot space in  every button on your website. Give your audience the convenience they need when browsing. Make sure that they can click every button even without changing their hand position. 

Add a buy button 

Include an easy to see “buy” button. It is helpful especially, when they want to directly check out.

Exhibit great images 

Engage with your potential customers using visuals. Persuade them by showing different angles of your product, which will serve as a preview of what they should expect. 

Keep product descriptions concise 

Do not confuse your customers. Provide them with everything they need to know with a short and concise product description. Remember to always stay on point.  

Inject personality 

Give your customers the best shopping experience by simply creating an enticing vibe with your product descriptions which best describes you as a brand and how you differ from others.

Present thematic product browsing 

Categorize your products based on their purpose, price range, and benefits. Thematic browsing also enhances a user’s shopping experience. Consider including a search bar or instructions that will help them easily locate where the products are.

Easy to save orders 

Having an “add to cart” button on your website will make it easy for your potential customers to keep and save their orders and check out later. 

Design friendly forms 

Come up with an effective and easy-to-understand order form. Guide your potential customers with what needs to be filled out by including marks. This will also help you convert visits into sales.

Easy to edit orders

Most brands allow their customers to change their existing order that has been sitting in their cart. It is best to give them time to change the color, size, quantity, payment method, and other shipping options. 

Offer Multiple, modern, flexible payment options

Provide a variety of payment options. List payment methods that will give them convenience and allow them to pick which one is best. It is also advisable to provide an allotted time to check out.

 Set up SSL 

Give your visitors an assurance that whenever they access your site, they are safe and protected. SSL certificates are a website’s authentication proof encrypted with a system that protects the user’s identity.  

 Display trust marks 

To appear more credible and trustworthy in your target customers’ eyes, include badges and trust marks from highly trusted brands you  work with. Trust marks also represent information security. 

End note

These are just a few of the many ways that can help you convert site visits into revenue. Your potential customers browse the internet to see best results and aside from that, a website’s interface and its convenience to navigate also has a plus on their end. 

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