Search Engine Optimization has become every brand and business’ foundation and plays a vital role in their ability to compete and survive in their niche. Our team gathered all the information that might be helpful in performing our duties and meeting our client’s needs.

On the 13th of August, the Bambu SEO team, joined by Google and Facebook strategists, attended PeepCon 2022: SEO Conference, where speakers from different SEO agencies and companies gathered and shared their expertise in the field, covering the latest status of SEO in 2022.

Our team was able to gain timely and relevant learning that is helpful in today’s context of Search Engine Optimization, especially now that businesses and brands deal with the dynamic change of algorithm updates.

Listed here are the highlights from the conference:

  •       Content SEO 2022
  •       Keyword Research
  •       How to position yourself, or your agency, as a leader in your niche
  •       The 64–Point Plan Link Building
  •       Growing SEO eCommerce from Zero to Hero
  •       The truth about Technical SEO
  •       Creating Impactful SEO Reports
  •       Full Stuck–SEO
  •       Boost Traffic and Sales with SEO Checklist

Listed below are the key takeaways gathered from the conference. If you are interested in learning more about a particular topic, at the end of the post, feel free to reach out so we can send over further information and discuss with you some of the key insights in detail.  

Five Key Takeaways

The technical side of SEO

Good content without SEO is nothing. Over the years, technical search engine optimization has become the groundwork for greater stability. In this type of SEO, brands are selling their content to audiences and search engines.

Glen Dimaandal from SEOWorks discussed the technical side of SEO where he emphasised the importance of it for every e-commerce website. In order to achieve an efficient website, brands need to make sure that all the products that they have on the website are indexed. If not, their products will not be listed on search engines.

Content is now being dominated by Artificial Intelligence

In today’s context, writers are no longer competing with human minds; they are now in a competition against artificial intelligence for content writing. Some brands prefer using AI-generated content rather than going through the writing process. Though this has become their strategy due to convenience, Mads Singers said that content produced by AI is not relevant.

Singers emphasized the importance of providing readers with all the information they need to know in one piece in order for every content writer to outperform AI. Quality content can be measured when you carefully and chronologically plot down all the details. Listing down all the information from top priority to least will help you as a writer come up with a piece of content that will fulfill the needs of your readers.

Know when to and not to do Link building

Link building has become every business’s strategy when aiming to earn site credibility and secure a high rank on google search engine results page. Brands do not have to do link building all the time. When a website is already ranking with the use of keywords, link building is unnecessary. Maximizing your assets and promoting your own domain and content is what will help you secure a rank.

During the conference, Bernard San Juan highlighted the 64-point plan in link building. In order to generate high brand equity, brands should at least garner an authority score greater than 35 and a domain count greater than 200.

How to become a leader in your niche

Some businesses and brands fail due to a lack of precise knowledge about their chosen niche. Angeline Licerio narrowed down key terms to remember when aiming to position your business as a leader in your industry of choice. 

  1. Knowing what you are good at and where you excel as an agency will help your firm to minimize the risk of failure. (2) Determine your ability to produce valuable results; no wasted resources lead to better results. (3) Be realistic with clients; communicate and let them know the real you.  Finally, (4) Concentrate on what you can offer based on your niche-specific skills, expertise, and knowledge.  

Keyword Research

Keywords are the driver of organic traffic. E-commerce websites need to make sure that in every page, product and piece of content, relevant keywords appear. This will help them earn or secure a rank on the Google search results page. 

Karl Kangur said that doing keyword research will help you gather as much data as possible, which will help you collect and collaborate insights that are helpful in achieving your desired result for your e-commerce website. 

For a deeper dive into all our key takeaways and the original presentations please reach out and contact us!