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We are currently undergoing a period of rapid growth thanks to new client acquisitions and expansion of existing accounts. As a result not all open roles will be listed here, so please get in touch if you would like to see an up to date list of openings.

Want To Grow Your Career and Make a Difference?

Join our diverse team that cultivates your creativity and initiates workplace growth. Gain access to industry-leading training opportunities so you can navigate and conquer the entire media spectrum.

We foster inclusivity – a culture where you can be yourself, cast your unique voice, and become the master of your chosen field.

Who Are We?

We are a digital marketing agency providing results-focused advertising, creative, and development services using our unique process marketing approach to generate results for e-commerce and lead generation businesses around the world.

With more than 20 years of experience working with global brands and teams, Bambu believes that the people are lifeblood of every organization. People are the prime ingredient in achieving each and every goal – that they are the foundation of every plan, project, and client’s success.

If people thrive in their workplace, have high morale, and are allowed to bloom at their full potential, nearly anything is possible! That’s why in Bambu, we invest a hundred precent in our team members, and we hope that could be you!

Why Work With Us

We build teams that offer the best functional expertise worldwide, combined with deep and local knowledge of the most promising markets. Bambu draws on international diversity’s benefits, bringing people from different cultures, varied work experiences, and perspectives to from a single, competent organization.

We have offices in London, UK and Manila, Philippines, as well as a number of specialists based around the world, and our clients are spread across Europe, Asia and North America.

As a progressive agency, we encourage sensitivity to differences and always look for ways to bridge everyone and build unity. So if you want to learn from a diverse team that will help bring out the best in you, then you are in the right place. Make new friends and be part of our family.

As a company that started in 2019, we already embraced flexible working before it went mainstream and have continued this trend as many other companies move back to being fully office based. All of our systems are fully set up for hybrid work and we have made a long term commitment to our team that no one will ever be expected to work full time in an office.

Most of our team split their time between home working and will spend 2 days per week in their designated office. We also encourage everyone to spend time working further afield and it’s not unusual to see someone dialling in to a video call from a house in the countryside or from the beach.

All staff globally enjoy 33 days of leave each year (including public holidays) and are free to switch the dates of their public holidays if they choose to do so, and are free to work adjusted hours as and when needed, whether this is to overlap better with clients and colleagues on different timezones, or simply to make time to go to the gym or for avoiding rush hour traffic.

We have a detailed in house training plan which includes the use of external resources and regular training sessions run by our leadership team. The training plans ensure that everyone across the business is equipped with the skills needed to provide value to our clients and succeed in their careers. Our entry level roles follow a standardised plan that covers the basics across all advertising channels, and everyone at manager level and above will be given a specific plan that is focused around the direction that they want to move in.

Ambitions to progress outside Bambu are welcomed, many of our previous team members expressed a desire to relocate, go into further education or start their own business and we helped to put in place training that met the needs of Bambu while also developing the skills they needed to achieve their ambitions.

As a company that has grown rapidly, we have been able to use this momentum to give many of our team the opportunity to step up to a new level within the business, and wherever possible we prioritise internal promotions for senior team members over hiring externally.

Many companies within the marketing world will ask their teams to specialise in a narrow field. We believe that this doesn’t create good outcomes for our clients or our people and we prefer for everyone to build up a broad knowledge across the full spectrum of marketing channels. This approach is referred to as ‘T-shaped skills’, you can read more about this if you’re interested.

For our entry level roles, you’ll learn about all aspects of marketing and after around 6 months you’ll be given the opportunity to start defining your direction in more detail and will work with your line manager to focus on the areas that are of most interest. For our more experienced staff who already have a specialist area, we’ll ensure that your knowledge of the wider world is kept up to date with training sessions on different channels and industry trends.

Our Openings

We are a team of diversify individuals and we welcome applications from everyone, wherever you’re based and whatever your background. Scroll down to see the opportunities that we currently have open.

Please note that we are currently expanding quickly and not all positions will be listed here. If you’re interested in working with us and don’t see anything that’s a good fit, just email us a copy of your CV.

Client Services Executive, London, UK

Social Media Ads Executive, Manila, Philippines

Client Services Executive, Manila, Philippines

Creative Strategist, Freelance, UK & Europe

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