Increasing Startup and Downloads for a Booking App

Groomit started life in 2018, providing a marketplace style service to connect dog owners with dog groomers, focusing on a small area around Manhattan, New York. After partnering with Bambu for an initial audit of their marketing, we entered into a long term partnership and were able significantly increase both acquisition and revenue.

As an early stage startup, Groomit had ambitious targets focused around growing their user base, and we are able to put marketing processes in place to significantly increase signups to the app from both buyers and sellers. In addition, through a focused program of audience data testing, app analytics and customer profile segmentation we were also able to help Groomit increase their average order value, repeat customer rate and customer lifetime value.

Increase in Monthly Signups
Increase in Average Order Value
Reduction In Cost Per Install

The big focus point in our strategy for Groomit was launching Universal App Campaigns to drive direct downloads by running dynamic ads across the Google Display Network, Google Search, Google Play and YouTube. Each network had carefully built targeting that used a mix of first party data, platform audiences and insights from our in-house data network to ensure we were hitting the right people at the right time.

Our team assisted with helping the client understand the value of having proper analytics and measurement in place. We assisted with the setup and integration of Firebase Analytics and the Facebook SDK, connecting the various events into the app and linking this to Google and Facebook’s ad platform to track user behaviour, including downloads, registrations, purchases and uninstalls, enabling us to track the success of our digital marketing efforts.

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Once we set the universal app campaigns live, we wanted to test Facebook and Instagram to see if introducing these channels would deliver added value to our client. Using attribution modelling we were able to see the incremental app installs Facebook and Instagram brought to the app download campaign as we were able to introduce the service to a wider audience consisting of millennial pet owners across the city. Overall the campaign was a huge success, resulting in a -34% reduction in cost per app install, a 42% increase in average order value, and all while increasing the number of signups per month by over 5x the previous levels.

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