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Improve your SEO and PPC campaigns

Launching your casino online

You need a detail-oriented, data-focussed team to help you set up and run your gaming or casino site and app. Bambu can help.  We’ll get you the specialised permissions, licenses and certificates from Google and Facebook to advertise online. We’ll set up referral and affiliate marketing programs and integrate contests, promotions and loyalty programmes with your marketing campaigns and CRM.

Thinking of going on YouTube? We can advise you on your ad and channel strategy. If an app is part of your Casino’s offering we can handle the SEO and optimisation on the app stores and create a marketing campaign to get you new users.

Lower your Cost of Acquisition (COA)

Our PPC campaigns can be set up to reflect the behaviours and interests of your potential customers. We’ll test which times of the day and month (near payday, for example) work best, we’ll test keywords and refine your Display and search campaigns as we look to reduce the CPC of your high performing and competitive keywords.

We can also create remarketing campaigns aimed at new, and existing, customers to improve their lifetime value to you.

Our team can run your marketing campaigns from start to finish – from designing and creating the ads, to running the campaigns and driving customers to your landing pages – which, by the way, we can also design and A/B test for you.

Want to increase Casino sign-ups?

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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

The founders of Bambu have been running ads online ads since 2006, we are a Google Partner agency and have passed all six certifications, meaning we are experienced in everything from standard PPC through to shopping, retargeting, display and YouTube ads.