Fashion stores

Optimise your shopping platform and marketing

Marketing and Technical

Unlike some agencies that simply offer fashion marketing, we can handle the technical side of your fashion company too. This is important because a lot of fashion marketing relies on data and technical tasks like optimising your shopping feed and making sure Google understands and rewards how well your ecommerce site is structured and how quickly it loads

Our dev team will integrate your ecommerce sites with third party platforms and our marketing team can help you with your Shopping campaigns, audit your other PPC and social campaigns and write SEO product copy and descriptions for your site and third parties including Amazon and Ebay.

Expert Advice when you need it

There are often times when you’re running a business when you wish you could ask an expert. We can be that expert, in fact – team of experts.

Thinking of working with a fashion influencer? We’ll tell you just how influential they really are. Want to know whether all your product photos are slowing your site down? We can tell you. Wondering what other remarketing ideas you could be doing? Just ask. We have a range of options when it comes to working with clients to suit every budget and company size.

Want to convert more visitors into sales?

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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

The founders of Bambu have been running ads online ads since 2006, we are a Google Partner agency and have passed all six certifications, meaning we are experienced in everything from standard PPC through to shopping, retargeting, display and YouTube ads.