Online stores

Let us manage your shopping feeds and PPC.

New online stores

Starting an ecommerce online store can be daunting.  Having Bambu on board can help get you off to a flying start. We’ll create a checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered for a successful launch. We’ll plan and implement everything digital so you can concentrate on making sure your products are ready to ship as the customers begin to arrive.

Our Bambu team can also suggest which shopping platform would be best for your type of business and products, we can build your store and optimise it for mobile traffic – which now accounts for 60% of traffic to online stores.

Existing Online stores

If you have an ecommerce store that is already up and running, we can provide expert advice and a roadmap for what you could improve and how. First, our team will audit what you’re currently doing, including PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook and Youtube, and your site’s level of optimisation – including product descriptions and shopping feeds. The Bambu team can also take a look at your social strategy on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Got a competitor that you’d love to be able to learn from? We’ll reverse engineer what they’re doing well, including their most profitable keywords, SEO, PPC campaigns, engagement on social, backlinks, content strategy and how well their site performs from a user’s point of view.

Need more customers for your online store?

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14 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

The founders of Bambu have been running ads online ads since 2006, we are a Google Partner agency and have passed all six certifications, meaning we are experienced in everything from standard PPC through to shopping, retargeting, display and YouTube ads.