Display and Banner Ads Setup & Management

Is Display right for you?

Bambu can implement Display ads across Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube amongst others. When people talk about ‘Display’ advertising, it normally refers to GDN – the Google Display Network. The GDN includes 2 million sites and covers 90% of internet users so it’s perfect for getting people to notice you online, even when they’re not searching for your service or product. High-end services like luxury goods can work well, as can services and products that lend themselves to great imagery or video. But the GDN isn’t right for every business and we’ll help you decide if, and when, you should use Google Display Network for your marketing.

Display and Banner Management

If you’re already running Display and banner campaigns, Bambu can audit your campaigns to see where you’re doing well, and troubleshoot where you’re not.  We can then provide a set of action steps and recommendations, including whether your Display and Search campaigns are working together. Bambu can implement these recommendations for you and manage your campaign for you, or help your team to.

As well as implementing and managing campaigns we also create the ad units themselves. Our studio can create animations or live action video as well as 2D and 3D graphics.

Ready to Start using Display and Banner Ads?

100% Confidential Audit

We can access your account securely without anyone knowing, so we can discretely check the work of your current campaign manager.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our fees for the first month of working together, so you can try working with us totally risk free.

Flexible Packages

From full campaign management through to advice and consulting, we can build a package to suit your requirements.