UI/UX Design

Websites built to convert

Conversions and usability are at the heart of our website designs. We are different from many other web design agencies because we use data about your audience to inform how we build your site. Our background is in analytics and PPC so we’re experts on the audience you want your site to attract and convert. That’s why the sites we build are optimised for SEO.

Whether you want a giant Magento ecommerce site, a CRM system built on WordPress or Drupal, or a blog or comparison site, we can build it.  We’ll keep scrolling to a minimum, optimise the imagery and make sure the Calls To Action (CTAs) are prominent on every browser – including mobile.

If you’re a start-up we’ll get you to launch as quickly as possible. We can also build landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Refresh your website

If you’re thinking that your website is looking a bit old then your visitors may be thinking that too. Bambu will update the look and feel of your site to give it a modern look and feel. We’ll look at how to improve load speeds if your site is a bit bloated and see how we can optimise your user journeys to increase your conversions and get rid of roadblocks that could be costing you sales.

Our team will create your site so it’s easy to work with once reworked. We can make the management and uploading of new content so simple that anyone can do it, without having to dig into the code. That will save you money and headaches.

We’ll ensure your refreshed or new site is secure and GDPR compliant, if appropriate.

Our design team can craft the copy and content you want on your site. We can also organise photo and video shoots and create graphics and animations.

Need a website that crushes the competition?

100% Confidential Audit

We can access your account securely without anyone knowing, so we can discretely check the work of your current campaign manager.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our fees for the first month of working together, so you can try working with us totally risk free.

Flexible Packages

From full campaign management through to advice and consulting, we can build a package to suit your requirements.