Media Planning & Strategy

Your media plan

We take a data-driven approach to media planning and strategy and have developed a number of proprietary technologies. One of these is X-Channel, an algorithmic method of using performance data to plan the best channels for you to use. We know your potential customers don’t just use one channel so neither do we when we plan your media strategy. Our media plans can include: PPC, paid social, banner advertising, video ads, remarketing, ecommerce, lead generation, content promotion, organic digital marketing, SEO and social profile management

Strategy Essentials

The most important question we ask when creating your media strategy is ‘Who do your ads need to reach?’ Define your audience, and everything can then fall in place. Once defined, you’ll know where they spend their time online, what they do there and what type of content they like to consume. Once these behaviours are understood, you’ll know where to buy media, what time of day to advertise, what geographic regions to target, the frequency of your campaign and the reach.

Finally you’ve got to decide on what your conversion goals and outcomes are for the campaign so you’ll know what success looks like. Bambu can help you with this, whether you’re launching a new product or revitalizing existing campaigns.

Are launching something new?

100% Confidential Audit

We can access your account securely without anyone knowing, so we can discretely check the work of your current campaign manager.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our fees for the first month of working together, so you can try working with us totally risk free.

Flexible Packages

From full campaign management through to advice and consulting, we can build a package to suit your requirements.