Charter Linkz

The Brief

Charter Linkz needed a helping hand to get their USA based fleet of charter busses back on the roads following the covid pandemic, and brought in Bambu to help generate leads through their website for their call center agents to contact and place bookings.

The Strategy

The campaigns were entirely focused on domestic travel within the United States, focusing primarily on states within the North East and Midwest, but taking travellers nationwide. The client briefed us on reaching several distinct buyer profiles including corporate, events (weddings, sports games etc) and contract support for government functions.

We were able to use a detailed keyword strategy across major search engines to effectively reach these audiences and used a full range of tagging and data analysis tools to optimise the campaigns for efficiency, generating large volumes of leads and then subsequently working alongside the client to optimise the quality of the leads.

The Results

Following an extended quiet period, we were able to help Charter Linkz quickly get their vehicles moving with several hundred leads per month, gradually reducing the cost per lead and increasing the lead quality. Traffic to their site hit new peaks with budget at similar levels to before the pandemic, demonstrating the efficiency of the strategy, and they are currently planning an expansion of their fleet to capitalise on the additional demand being generated.