Hattingley Valley Estate

The Brief

Hattingley Valley Wines is a leading and award winning producer of English sparkling wine, operating from their base in Hampshire. The estate has an on-site winery and in 2021 they decided to reopen for tours and tasting following several years of being closed due to covid. The brief was simple, drive interest in the Hattingley Valley brand and fill up the calendar with bookings for tours and tastings.

The Strategy

We began this project with some detailed data analysis. Hattingley has previously offered tours back in 2019 and although it was never a service that was pushed heavily, they had customer records for those who had been on their tours, and by profiling these people we were able to build up a really detailed picture of the kind of people who had previously been on their tours and use this as a starting point for audience targeting. In addition, we called upon audience research data from GWI, our market research tool, to help understand the buying habits and customer profile of those who would engage with this kind of tour.

We discovered that the market would fall into a range of different audiences, with a clear distinction between those who would book mid-week and weekend tours. However, despite some initial assumptions that corporate and tourist bookings would be a big hit, the data showed very clearly that the majority of bookings were likely to come from those living in the local area or daytripping London residents.

The strategy resulted in running campaigns across a number of channels, with distinct audience profiles and creative tailored to each of the groups that we identified in the research phase.

We also worked closely with Hattingley’s commercial team to develop the offering and proposition, strengthening the quality of content on the website and simplifying the booking process to make it easier for people to book, reducing dropout due to technical problems or uncertainty over dates, which was known to be a problem for those booking for large groups.

The Results

The overall strategy was very effective, driving significant numbers into the tours and booking out the calendar several months in advance, resulting in the winery being able to employ additional tour guides to cope with the excess demand.

From a commercial perspective, the £20 ticket price is just there to cover expenses, and the real earnings come from those who attend a tour and then buy wine before leaving the premises. We were also able to take the booking data and use this to supercharge ecommerce sales through Hattingley’s website, helping to build long term loyal brand fans.