The traditional way of doing business is now being slowly transitioned online because of the advancement of technology. This is where social media takes the spotlight. When we say “social media”, some of you might think that it is only used for leisure, to watch videos, listen to some good music and communicate with other people. But for businesses, it is more than that.

Social media is now the new business avenue. 

Let’s dive deep and see how social media marketing benefits businesses and how social media and marketing work together.

Social media channels for your business

Brands are now using social media to promote the products and services that they offer.

But have you ever considered your company’s chances of survival on a massive platform where competition emerges from all angles? Before jumping to conclusions, here are the social media giants that you can use as one of your social media marketing channels. 


facebook, digital marketing agency

Facebook was first established in 2004. It is known to be the largest platform that accumulates billions of users and it is also known as one of the local business directories. 

Since many people are using the platform, the chances of generating leads are also possible. This is where you can connect, establish relationships, and gain the trust of your target audience, which will be an easier step for you to take when aiming to redirect them to your original website.  


youtube, digital marketing agency

Some brands prefer using videos and motion graphics to present their products to the market. For some, YouTube is the most effective marketing channel because of the engagement it creates between businesses and potential customers. How come? It is done by simply putting a like, share, and comment button in every uploaded video. On this platform, the goal is to add value to your home feed and not to go viral alone.


instagram, digital marketing agency

Instagram is continuously gaining popularity, reaching over one billion users a month. Brands can create their own business account on the platform, which differs from a personal account. On this platform, you can post images, create reels, stories, and lives. This is also where you can do influencer marketing because well-known personalities and celebrities use the platform and have a large fan base on the app. 

How to create a business account on Instagram;

  1. Go to settings and tap switch account
  2. Choose ‘business’ category
  3. Then proceed by tapping ‘business’
  4. Add all the details needed including contact details
  5. You can also connect your existing facebook account to your new Instagram business account
  6. Then tap ‘X’ to return to your profile.

After successfully setting up your profile, you can edit it and include your Bio, profile picture and you can also put up your own username so that other users can easily find you. 


linkedin,digital marketing agency

LinkedIn is commonly known as a professional platform, but little did they know that the environment and culture of the networking works best for businesses, especially when advertising their brand and product in a parallel setup.

Businesses can also take advantage of the platform, and this is where they can attract new talents that are more capable, tap in with other partners and customers, and here you can also post insights and share your culture. 


twitter, digital marketing agency

Aside from Facebook and Instagram, Twitter records a huge number of active daily and monthly users. If you are looking for current trends and updates, this platform is the answer. People are posting and sharing their personal sentiments here, retweeting news and sharing some brand updates on this social media channel. After gathering all the information that you need to know, this is now your starting point in turning the platform into a marketing avenue.


snapchat, digital marketing agency

A large group of audiences were recorded, specifically from the age group of teens who are using the platform because of its offers. The question that might be on your mind right now is how you can advertise your brand using this platform when it only allows users to play with effects and filters. As a brand, you can come up with your own filters, emojis, and face effects that they can play with.

End note

These platforms are not just making noise of their own. It showed that their existence was beneficial to businesses that wanted to be known by many people. Since the popularity of online shopping has grown, so has the use and importance of these applications. They are not used for leisure alone, but they now help businesses in terms of marketing and growth. 

If you are planning to use these platforms for your business, reach out to us and see what we can offer you.