Before we determine its different types, let us first recap the definition of Search Engine Optimization and its function in the world of digital marketing.  

In digital marketing, there are several strategies that businesses can adopt to achieve full growth and success. Search engine optimization is known as one of the best and most effective strategies to implement when aiming to compete in the industry and secure a high ranking on Google. Gaining a high rank on the web sounds difficult, but with the existence of different optimization, the process will not be as onerous as it is.   


Let’s examine each type and determine what kind of optimization best suits your business and how it can help you secure a high rank in the Google search engine results page. Bambu commonly uses On-page, Off-page, and Technical Optimization for its clients.  

On-page SEO  

On-page optimization in digital marketing is the practice of improving the site’s content mainly to generate leads and traffic, which helps a website place highly on Google. This kind of SEO contributes and plays a vital role in driving your target’s attention to your website and keeping them browsing, which will most likely help you boost your engagement.

A website’s content is the most important part of the whole site structure because this is where the advertiser has time to establish a connection with its prospects. Providing what your visitors need while they intentionally search and browse your website is the top tier.

This is also one of the biggest factors that will help your website get several clicks that can later be converted into sales.

Off-page SEO 

Aside from the impressions built through the original website, creating a good reputation and image through external sites is also the real deal.  

This kind of optimization emphasizes the role of link building and outside connections, which helps advertisers and developers gain their prospects’ trust. Establishing trustworthiness and relevancy with the use of external sites can be one of the biggest challenges in this optimization type, but this can also be one of the best ways to lead new audiences to your website. 

Technical SEO 

The process is more valuable than the output alone.   

Producing insightful content is not the end of the process in search engine optimization. This is just the starting point. Knowing what is happening behind the screen is the real game to deal with.   

On the technical side of optimization, there comes the improvement of the site speed. When the website loads poorly and beyond the expectations of the visitors, there is a high tendency that they will end up leaving your site, which will later result in a poor ranking. Compared to other sites that perform well, they will get the chance to rank high on the list since they met the expectations of the audience in terms of site accessibility. 

Developers need to ensure that every inch of their website functions well, loads fast, and does not keep the audience waiting. 

Local SEO 

This kind of optimization best suits only local businesses. 

Knowing the location of the business is one aspect that every potential prospect is eager to know.  

Through local optimization, Google will help you allow your audience to know about your existence and where they can visit your physical store. However, you must perform the optimization following its purpose. Google “my business profile” will help you boost your engagement despite the ongoing competition in the market that is occurring within your area.  

YouTube SEO 

YouTube SEO is optimizing your video content to earn a rank. But search engine bots will not rank your videos based on their appearance. They cannot watch it. When wanting to get ranked by Google, it is best advised to provide a clear and concise narrative description that mirrors the content of your output. With this, it will be much easier for bots to index and crawl your video.   

Coming up with well-structured and informative video content will be your lead in achieving a high rank in YouTube search results. Take note that if your viewers cannot understand what you are trying to portray, neither can the crawlers.  

End note

The above-mentioned types of search engine optimization are all free to use as long as they fit your business’s needs. Choosing the right optimization will reduce the time you spend on figuring out how things will work out for your website and your business. Reach out to one of the SEO experts from our team and get a consultation on what your business and your website need. 

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