TikTok has been one of the most prominent and renowned platforms that allow audiences from various age groups to come together to browse and see content made by different people. This is also where businesses can widen their market reach.    

The average number of users of the platform per month reaches over one billion. Imagine the number of audiences that your business can reach per month. TikTok is now one of the most visited and used applications in today’s time.    

But before you start rolling out your TikTok ads, it is best to know what type suits your objective. After doing so, you can now proceed with plotting the best outline for your ads and keep it moving.   

Some of you might be wondering, how is it possible that this platform can grow my business when users are only scrolling and watching uploaded videos? And what about those who do not have unlimited access to the internet? Is there any way that they can see my advertisement? This is now where telecommunications play their part.

 Free use of TikTok can help you foster growth

Since TikTok is widely known across the globe, telecoms now offer free platform usage using only the user’s mobile data. Before, Facebook only had this kind of accessibility where users were free to use the application but had set limitations like they could not watch videos and see photos. Smart Telecommunications released a statement that some of their prepaid load plans include unlimited access to TikTok. With the existence of these kinds of data promos, a huge number of users now have access to the application, which in turn is good for businesses and advertisers. This kind of opportunity will allow businesses to foster growth and to be visible to a wide range of audiences who once depended on the internet. Free usage also means exposure. It is expected that the larger the audience your ads reach, the more likely it is that your website will be visited and your products and services will be purchased, resulting in growth and sales. 

Different Types of TikTok Ads   

Here are just a few of the choices where you can choose from. Remember, utilize what best benefits you.    

Top view ads

are unmissable ads that your audience can see once they open the application  

Collection ads

this kind of advertisement redirects your audiences to the gallery page of your account    

In-feed ads

are clickable ads that pop up on the user’s feed  

Branded hashtag challenges

this kind of ad encourages the audience to engage with your brand using hashtags  

Brand takeovers

are ads that can be seen once the users open the application. This ad is programmed that when the user clicks the video, they will be automatically redirected to a landing page  

Branded effects

are ads that allow developers to create their stickers and other creatives to make it more engaging  

Spark ads

appear on other websites and this happens when a content creator created a video reviewing your product.   

Read these TikTok ads further here on this webpage (insert link)  

Let us now have a preview of the strategies that you can apply to your business.   

TikTok ad Strategies    

When you have already chosen the type of ad you want to use for your business, strategize on how you will turn your ideas into reality and into something convertible.    

Now to keep the engine moving, you have to apply some strategies that work. Reach the peak of success by applying these strategies:    

Invest in ad creative that works    

When wanting to get your audience’s attention, you have to come up with something that is both impressive and informative. Creatives are often delivered through images and videos.    

Now, once you are already done with your creatives, you can proceed to the next step,    

Define your target demographics    

One of the best strategies to apply is to properly define your target demographics. Knowing you will be your audience is one of the most important key elements when putting up an advertisement.    

Ask yourself first,    

  • Who are they?   
  • What are the things and information that they are looking for?  
  • What area are they interested in?  
  • What can you offer them?  

Reaching your desired target will help you generate sales, why? When you effectively market your brand to your intended group of audience, it will reflect on your performance.    

When you successfully determine your target, create something for them,     

Set specific campaign objectives    

You are not creating a campaign that has no goal and direction, correct?   

To produce a worthy campaign, first thing first, know and plot your objective. Lay an outline that will serve as your guide. This can also be your best shot to visualize your expected output.    

Note that you have to be clear. If you are aiming to increase your sales, your traffic, and increase brand awareness then those can be your primary objectives.   

Work with creators in your niche    

Tapping in with people who are also keen on your field will be a big help for you, especially when you are still at the starting point of your advertising development.    

According to Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on the recommendations of influencers.    

Recommendations create a huge impact on a consumer’s buying or purchase behavior. Since TikTok is now used by celebrities and renowned personalities for advertisements, there is a high tendency that these running ads will help your business to drive traffic and sales.    

You also have to remember the process of seeking the content creator that fits your campaign. Scrutinize and thoroughly understand who and how he or she can help you in the way that you expected them to do in return.    

Create ads at scale    

After mastering all the strategies mentioned above, now it’s time for you to familiarize yourself with how to create ads at a scale.    

This simply means inventorying high-quality ads that you can instantly pull out whenever you need to do some posting.    

Since TikTok is open to all platforms, the best thing to do to stay on top is to be prepared and consistent in posting.    

Monitor and analyze your ad campaigns’ performance    

When your ads go live, that is not the end of the process. You have to strictly monitor your campaigns’ performance.    

Make sure that it works based on how you envision it.    

  • Review all the like counts   
  • Check comments and suggestions   
  • See how many people shared your ads   
  • Territories where your ads got the highest number of views   
  • Average watch time   

After doing so, you will now be able to see how your ads perform on the platform. This can also be an advantage for you.    

Repurpose content across social media platforms

It is given that as a brand, you also have an existing and continuous presence across different social media channels or platforms.    

When you update your brand campaign on one platform, it is best if you do the same thing on your other accounts. This may take a lot of your time and will require a lot of your effort to do.  

But the main reason why you are doing content repurposing is to make the process run smoothly for all your existing and running accounts.    

Why TikTok ads?

The number of TikTok users continues to increase, and businesses now take advantage of it primarily to advertise their products and services and to reach their prospects in a more targeted way. The platform is open to all businesses who wish to advertise and create their own benchmark of quality in their respective industry. 

If you want to dive deeper and further understand how ads work on TikTok, you can book a call with one of our strategists today.